about us

WLD-TEC GmbH is the globally known expert company for safety laboratory gas burners and electrical annealing systems.

The Company
WLD-TEC GmbH, an experienced and innovative family company, was founded in 1994 by Andrea and Bernd Wartewig. Andrea Wartewig, who maintains continuous contact with our customers, is responsible for marketing and presentation of the WLD-TEC GmbH products. Bernd Wartewig, who has more than 35 years of experience in the development of medical and laboratory technical products, functions as head of production and development in the company.

Innovative products, multiple solutions
Twenty years of international experience made us a globally recognized provider of spot heating systems for laboratory and industry use. We are offering optimum stationary and mobile gas burners for any standard and specific application, since few years also electrical annealing systems working without open flame.

Highest quality
As a result of using only high-quality and tested individual components, highest quality and a long service life is ensured for the product series. Our products  are very robust and long lasting in any laboratory or industry environment, designed in stainless steel housings with a maximum of safety features and comprehensive optional accessories. With its innovative Gasprofi-, Flame 100- and Fuego series WLD-TEC GmbH has created one of the most successful laboratory burner series in the world. For modern and energy-efficient annealing and sterilization without gas flame, the new SteriMax smart and SteriMax basic series leaves nothing to be desired.

Areas of application
There is a continuously increasing need for safe gas burner solutions, particularly in the microbiological, gene and bioengineering market. Strong national and international trading partners and innumerable smaller regional laboratory  equipment dealers — demonstrate the quality of the Gasprofi-, Flame 100- and Fuego series and simultaneously also provide evidence of its success. The new SteriMax basic and SteriMax smart electric annealing systems are ideally suited for use in any type of lab, anaerobic work environment and Laminar Flow Cabinet.

Special appliances
We would be pleased to develop and manufacture any custom-made solution for you in case one of our various products might fit to your very specific heating or flaming problem.

Modern manufacturing
The WLD-TEC laboratory gas burners series, electrical annealing systems, prototypes and specialist equipment are developed and manufactured for major customers in the laboratory and medical technology sector on a production area extending over 400 square metres. The data required for this is generated using state-of-the-art CAD  orkplaces, transferred to the production area on CNC lathes, punch presses and cutting machines and via laser processing centres and implemented in products of the highest quality. Hydro-mechanical forming presses have enabled WLD-TEC GmbH to harness the power of water and use this technology to manufacture high-strength stainless steel products. The combination of hydro-mechanical deep drawing and 3D laser processing facilitates the creation of just about any complex geometric form from sheet metal.

Uncomplicated and professional service
The system of quality management guarantees that WLD-TEC GmbH’s customers can be assured that they are dealing with a reliable partner at every stage of the process, from the development phase right through to distribution.

WLD-TEC GmbH is your gas burner expert company since 1994 offering product development and manufacturing under one roof in Arenshausen, Germany.

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