Thermocouple type K

Thermocouple type K
(only Fuego SCS & Fuego SCS pro, as of Serial-No. 12Zxxxxx)
With the new temperature regulation system and an temperature sensor, the Fuego SCS / Fuego SCS pro becomes a temperature-control station.

1.) Immersion sensor Ø 3 mm with handle, sensor length 130 mm, helix connection cable

Art.-No. 8.200.240

2.) Immersion sensor Ø 1.5 mm, sensor length 150 mm, bendable, cable length 2 m

Art.-No. 8.200.241

3.) Air sensor, PTFE insulated, cable length 1 m

Art.-No. 8.200.242

Only usable in combination with the measuring adapter. Temperature range from +35°C to +350°C.


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