Fuego SCS

Safety enhanced laboratory gas burner with touch free IR-sensor and button function. Innovative technology that thinks with you !

Fuego SCS with new functions & graphic display.

Item Number: 8.200.000

The Fuego SCS represents a new status among laboratory gas burners.The Fuego SCS provides maximum safety and highest convenience for all flame-related applications in the laboratory.

The Fuego SCS can be operated with the touch-free IR-Sensor, button function or foot pedal*. For all options, different programs exist that have been developed on the basis of practical experience: flexible start-stop functions, continuous application for up to 2 hours or programs for short flame sterilization - exact to the second. When the burner is activated the display shows the remaining burning time. Moreover, the Fuego SCS automatically recognizes whether a foot pedal or the Autoloop Pro carrousel for inoculation loops is connected, and displays other functions.

More convenience through the graphic display
The animated and high-contrast graphic display can be easily read under all lighting conditions due to the blue background illumination. The self-explanatory, language-less symbol menu facilitates a rapid selection of all functions. The display is not in your line of sight? Acoustic signals additionally aid the user.

Cooling time reminder for inoculation loops
The precisely adjustable, exact to the second, cooling time reminder aids you in exactly complying with the required cooling period of inoculation loops.

Zero-pressure shut off
The zero-pressure shut-down provides additional safety at the end of work. With it the residual pressure is released from the connection hose and the gas hose's service life is increased.

Temperature regulation for heating media
With the new temperature regulation system and an optional temperature sensor, the laboratory gas burner becomes a temperature-control station.

Gas consumption display
No new cartridge at hand? The new gas consumption display reminds you to have a fresh gas cartridge on hand in a timely manner.

Flexible & individual by selecting user account
The Fuego SCS has to 2 user accounts and saves all safety settings, burning times and other parameters for individual and flexible use.

Graphical installatin instructions
Graphic installation and operating instructions at the first switch-on facilitate the initial start-up.

Innovative – The DoubleClick IR-Sensor
This safety function ensures that the burner can only be ignited by activating the DoubleClick IR-Sensor twice. As a result, unintentional ignition or ignition due to dropping or falling objects is virtually impossible, increasing safety considerably.

Top-off-the-Line safety
The Safety Control System SCS© means state-of-the-art safety technology which  onstantly analyzes potential hazards and, if necessary, initiates safety measures, such as an interruption of the gas supply. In addition to the ignition and flame control functions and the overheating protection, the new safety package also features continuous burner head control (BHC). BHC unfailingly detects burner head clogging by liquids or solid substances and ensures the correct assembly of the burner head.
Exceptional passive safety features: A residual heat display protects against burns. The automatic unit cut-off function prevents unintentional ignition of the flame when the burner has not been ignited for a longer period.

Modern design
The unique shape is eye-catching. The low casing makes convenient working possible; the streamlined design reduces the disturbance of the air  urrent above a clean room workbench to a minimum. The Fuego SCS is extremely space-saving. Measurements: 103 x 49 x 130 mm (w x h x d).
With the DualKnob for adjusting gas and air flow, the flame can be precisely regulated. The removable burner head can simply be dismantled into its individual components for in-depth cleaning. Clogging is no longer a problem. Spilled liquids flow off through an integrated drain, and solid substances can be effortlessly removed by opening the burner shaft.

Excellent energy efficiency in accordance with the most recent standards reduces gas and power consumption. This increases the burning time when gas cartridges are used.

The Fuego SCS Series can be operated with stationary natural gas and propane / butane gas supplies, cartridge gas or gas cylinders.

Fabricated entirely of stainless steel, with fireproof controls and a display, protected by heat resistant glass, the Fuego SCS can withstand extreme lab conditions.

Fuego SCS  - Ideal for use in cleanroom workbenches and laboratories.




Microprocessor, illuminated graphic display with acoustic signals as operating aids

6 Programs

Foot pedal:


Temperature regulation:

Start-Stop with timer, 1 sec - 2 h
Auto-Off with timer, 0 sec - 2 h

Standard (flame during pressed foot pedal)
Start-Stop with timer, 1 sec - 2 h

Start-Stop with timer, 1 sec - 2 h

with timer, 1 sec - 2 h
temperature range from +35 °C to +350 °C

Safety features
Safety Control System (SCS)
with gas safety cut off:

Residual heat display:

Zero-Pressure shut-off:

ignition and flame control, temperature monitor
burner head clogging and assembly monitor (BHC)
automatic unit switch off after 1 - 2h, adjustable

indicated a hot burner head

end of work procedure to lower the pressure in the supply hose

Comfort functions

cooling reminder
gas consumption display for gas cartridges

Gas supply & consumption
Gas connection:

Gas types:

Connected load:

Continuous cartridge operation:



1/4” left with gas filter

II2ELL3B/P: natural gas E/LL,18 - 25 mbar
liquid gas, 47,5 - 57,5 mbar

70 g/h liquid gas; 95 l/h natural gas (LL)

CV 360 - 40 min,
Express 444 - 50 min,
CG 1750 - 150 min,
C 206 - 170 min,
CP 250 - 210 min,
CV 470 - 370 min

Flame temperature:

Temperature threshold level:

1350 °C on liquid gas
1300 °C on natural gas (E)

1.0 kW liquid gas, 1.0 kW natural gas

IR-Sensor detection range:
DoubleClick IR-Sensor:

Power consumption:
Switching power supply:

5 - 50 mm, adjustable
time range 0.5 - 2.5 sec (adjust. / disengageable)

2 VA (stand by max. 0.1 VA)
100-240V / 50/60Hz / max. 0.3 A; 9V DC / 1.3A
Level 6 (stand by power consumption max. 0.1W)

Casing & operating controls:
Burner head:
Cover of burner shaft:

Measurements (w x h x d):

stainless steel / glass, UV and solvent resistant
removable and decomposable, stainless steel
Ø 23 mm, with drains

103 x 49 x 130 mm
700 g

DIN-DVGW Reg.-No.:
EU guidelines:

EN 61326-1, EN61010-1, EN61010-2-010
2014/30/EU, 2014/35/EU, 2011/65/EU

The range including tools for a simple start-up of the Fuego SCS.

  1. Safety laboratory gas burner Fuego SCS with IR-Sensor, graphic display & button function
    6 standard-programs for IR-Sensor button function, foot pedal and temperature regulation ( foot pedal in not included)
    DoubleClick IR-Sensor (connectable)
    SCS (Safety Control System) with BHC (Burner Head Control)
    Removable and decomposable burner head
    Adjustable IR-Sensor reaction distance and DoubleClick time
    Holding device for 3 inoculation loop holders
    Nozzles for natural gas, propane / butane gas
    Turbo flame
    Removable cover of burner shaft for cleaning purposes
    Instruction manual and 2-year warranty
  2. Tilt mechanism, right / left
  3. Wrench 17 mm for gas connection
  4. Screwdriver for burner head and cover of burner shaft
  5. Switching power supply for global usage 100 - 240 V / 50/60 Hz(level 6)
  6. Different plugs for worldwide use
  7. Tubing connector with swivel nut

Gas-Safety Adapters, Tubes, Connectors, Cartridges
Foot Pedals
Autoloop Pro

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